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Mike Krug

True Grit Talent

If you ask her peers, they will immediately comment on her work ethic. Touring over 150 dates per year is difficult, especially for a female, and she’s done it for the past seven years. That road-warrior attitude and love of performing live is what defines Bagwell, who says, “A lot of my mentors and the veterans on the Texas scene say that it takes seven years minimum to ‘pop’ in this genre. I’m right at that seven-year mark, and I’m ready to see my career jump to the next level. I’m working my hardest to make that happen.”

Life is fast-paced, crazy, and beautiful for Bri Bagwell, and it is only the beginning. She expands, “As I get older, I get more comfortable with the idea that I’m exactly where I need to be, instead of always obsessing over needing something more. I still want more, but I am also completely content with my career and my place in this world at this moment.”

Her current record “In My Defense” released September of 2018, it is a collection of ten carefully crafted songs that give her fans an inside peek of how this girl chasing a dream for over Ten years, has blossomed into the woman living those dreams. Charting the first week at #30 on the Billboard Country Album Charts, we’re just seeing the beginning of Bri Bagwell.